General Science Quiz

A quiz for science geeks... or people who just want to waste some time. How much do you know these science facts? A general science quiz with chemistry, biology, and a little math.

Everything in this quiz is based on my Grade 12 courses this year. Could you pass my science classes? Take the quiz and find out. The results may surprise you =]

Created by: Akane
  1. Let's start with an easy one. What is the chemical symbol for oxygen?
  2. What are different masses of an atom in the same element called?
  3. On a molecular level, why is water such a good solvent?
  4. 6.02 x 10^23 represents which number?
  5. Which of the following statements is true about noble gases?
  6. The genotype for skin colour can be expressed as--
  7. If you change the OH- group of glycerol to NO2, which substance will be formed?
  8. Which country does not have an element named after it?
  9. Glycolysis is the process of breaking glucose down into what?
  10. The _________ controls involuntary body functions such as breathing and heart rhythms.
  11. Which organelle is responsible for carrying proteins to amino acid chains during DNA synthesis?
  12. A person's father has the genotype bb (blue eyes). The mother has the genotype BB (brown eyes). What is the chance that any children will have blue eyes? Remember that brown eyes are dominant.
  13. The Fibonacci Sequence is an example of which kind of formula?
  14. Gasoline is made of many substances, therefore it is difficult to come up with a chemical formula. However, it can be said that gasoline--
  15. Who discovered that certain elements follow a pattern and have similar properties, thus creating the Periodic Table of the Elements?
  16. Natural selection is not the only process that effects the survival of certain alleles. What is the particular genetic effect that states certain alleles will be expressed by chance fluctuations?

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