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Science is a fairly hard subject, and math is an even harder subject. In this test you will find some very obscure terms from math, physics, chemistry and biology.

This quiz will show what you have in those fields, are you a genius in math and science, or are you just another drone? Do you have what it takes? Start!

Created by: Jake
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  1. True or false, Pi is irrational and, infinite, but not trancendental ?
  2. What is Planks constant? (x means times and ^y means "to the y power")
  3. True or false? According to the special theory of relativity, an object that is traveling at 50% of the speed of light experiences warping of internal time and length to an outside observer by about...
  4. In biology, ATP stands for...
  5. Which is more dangerous when inside the body; alpha, beta or gamma radiation
  6. Which of these is the fossil mascot of the state of Ohio?
  7. Which of these numbers is the golden ratio?
  8. True or false? Carbon and silicon have the same valence electrons. If false, what are the valence numbers for carbon and silicon
  9. Erwin Schrödinger created a thought experiment about a cat that was half-dead and half alive simultaneously to show the inaccuracies of...
  10. In electrical engineering, capacitance is measured in...
  11. Which does not belong?
  12. DNA stands for...
  13. If someone says to you "your brain is so big that if it was converted to matter by E=MC^2, it would make ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY QUADRILLION JOULES!" Are they complimenting you?
  14. Which states states that "in an ideal fluid, with no work being performed on the fluid, an increase in velocity occurs simultaneously with decrease in pressure or gravitational energy"
  15. If you want to use base 10, you put "log" If you want to use base e, you use...
  16. What is 50 in base 7?

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