Presidents 25-44

Are you a U. S president expert? Well here's your chance to find out, starting with 25 and ending at 44. Do you know them all... And think of it this way, if you find out that you're not all that you thought, you could always try your hand at math, english, or science. Ha ha ha?

Think you're a U. S history buff? Well test you luck with presidents 25 through 44.. Are you truly the best of the best? Your score on this quiz will tell.

Created by: Octay Cheat
  1. Which POTUS (President of the United States)was nick named "Ike"?
  2. Which POTUS was not elected President or Vice President?
  3. Which POTUS initiated the Great Society Program?
  4. What year did William McKinley serve as POTUS? Where was he assassinated?
  5. Which President is responsible for the creation of national parks? What years did he serve?
  6. Fill in the blanks. William Howard Taft was a ... and the ... POTUS.
  7. Which POTUS was responsible for creating the League of Nations? During what war was the organization created?
  8. Which POTUS died of a stroke while in office? Which party did he belong to?
  9. Which president was nick named "Silent Cal" and is best know for economic prosperity?
  10. Complete the statement Herbert Hoover was...
  11. How many times was FDR elected as the POTUS?
  12. This POTUS was a democrat who integrated the U.S military and ended WWII with the atomic bomb.
  13. The first Roman Catholic POTUS.
  14. Which POTUS was best know for the Water Gate Break in. Was he impeached?
  15. Which POTUS was in office when the U.S embassy in Iran was taken over and hostages were held for one year? During what years was he in office?
  16. Ronald Reagan was best know for ...
  17. This POTUS invaded Iraq to save Kuwait.
  18. The 1st democrat since FDR to be Re-elected.
  19. Which POTUS continued the War on Terror by invading Afghanistan and Iraq?
  20. 44th POTUS

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