How Much Do You Love President Obama?

The nation is divided on President Obama's policies. How closely do you identify with President Obama's way of thinking? Whether or not you voted for him, let's see how devoted are you to our President!

In our current cultural and economic climate, find out just how patriotic you are! The more you can show our leaders how passionate you are, the less likely that those who didn't vote for the President will be heard!

Created by: Ty
  1. The U.S. Constitution currently only allows for an elected President to serve only 2 terms. How do you feel about a Constitutional Amendment that would allow President Obama to serve an unlimited number of terms, as long as the People continue to re-elect him every four years?
  2. In the United Kingdom, as well as in other countries, the Head of State is a Monarch, rather than an democratically elected President. Since the People have elected President Obama, how would you feel about a Constitutional Amendment that would make President Obama a monarch? This means that, instead of electing a new President every four years, the Presidency would pass on to President Obama's heirs, Sasha and Malia?
  3. In the United Kingdom and other countries, the image of the head of state (for example, Queen Elizabeth) appears on all money, both paper and coins. Should all American currency have the image of President Obama on it?
  4. Regarding the Pledge of Allegiance, should the name of the President be inserted into the Pledge? Some people feel that the phrase "one nation, under God" is unfair and unnecessary in the Pledge. Other people feel that we, as a nation, should pledge our allegiance to the President the People have elected. Please choose the option that most closely reflects your view:
  5. Regarding the U.S. flag, how do you feel about changing the flag slightly to add the letter O (representing the name Obama) encircling the very last star (representing the state of Hawaii, the President's birthplace)?
  6. If you had to choose, in your opinion, which of these Presidents is the most important to the history of the United States?
  7. If you were to be expecting a new baby, how appropriate do you believe it would be to name the child (either first or middle names) Barack, Obama, Hussein, Michelle, Sasha, Malia, or Bo?
  8. If you wanted to buy a new dog, how much would President Obama's choice of a Portuguese Water Dog affect your selection?
  9. How do you feel about the U.S. Government establishing a vacation theme park that would be called "ObamaLand" in either Hawaii or Chicago that would preserve the President's historic election and allow for FREE ADMISSION to all U.S. residents?
  10. Under the current Constitution, the President currently appoints Judges during his term of office. How do you feel about amending the Constitution to allow President Obama to rescind or "veto" or "override" judicial appointments made by President Bush, and replace them with President Obama's selections?
  11. Under the current U.S. Constitution, President Obama will have to run for re-election in 2012. Given the hope and change he has provided the People, how would you feel about being taxed ONE CENT (that's one penny) of your monthly income to support a President Obama Re-Election Fund?
  12. Imagine that a group of people felt that President Obama was a deity, and thus, decided to establish a religion in his name, primarily based on his values of hope and change. Should such an organization benefit from tax-exempt status? Please select the choice that most closely reflects your point-of-view:
  13. Assuming that a group of Americans who believe in Obamaism existed, do you feel that, given the historical nature of this Presidency, that this group should be given special recognition by the U.S. Government?
  14. Regarding the U.S. ONLY, and leaving out any feelings toward any other nation, which of these people do you feel is the most evil? (Remember. your answer should reflect ONLY the impact to the United States, not another country, or the Earth as a whole):
  15. How would you feel about paying only ONE CENT per month from your paycheck to receive a monthly magazine in the mail from President Obama (expressing his views on current events) in addition to a new TV cable/satellite channel called ObamaTV that would replace C-SPAN 2 on your television?
  16. Should all TV/radio/print news reporters have to obtain a "fairness license" to express their take on news from the Executive branch of the Administration, to ensure that the President is given fair coverage?
  17. Should every high school student be required to complete and pass (if they are able) a one-semester course on President Obama, his historic election, his philosophies, and his life history, in order to receive a high school diploma, beginning with the class of 2010?
  18. How do you feel about Obama tattoos?
  19. Many elementary, middle, and high schools require students to wear uniforms. Do you believe that, as long as President Obama is in office, schoolchildren should wear uniforms that are made from the pattern of the dashiki of President Obama's father's tribe in Kenya?
  20. Should President Obama's birthday be declared a national holiday?
  21. If the current Health Care bill passes in Congress, do you think it's appropriate to call the reformed health care plan "ObamaCare"?
  22. If the "Obama Youth Corps" were to exist, please select the response that most closely matches your views:
  23. If you had to choose, whose philosophy do you believe is most important and influential in shaping the United States of the 21st century?

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