How much do you know about Barack Obama?

Barack Obama. 3 years ago, no one even knew his name. Now, he is an international celebrity. But Obama and the media have worked hard to cover up his not so flattering moments...

Do you really know about the candidate of "Hope" and "Change"? Take this very short quiz that might even change your mind on who you are voting for. Do you know how much experience Obama has, or how much in new taxes he proposes? It's all in this quiz! Check it out!

Created by: Chris
  1. How much will Barack Obama raise the tax bill?
  2. How much did Barack Obama receive from Fannie Mae and Lehman Brothers?
  3. Which sections of the Bible has Obama mocked?
  4. Who has endorsed Obama for president?
  5. What forms of energy is the Obama-Biden ticket oppposed to?
  6. Obama has how much qualified experience?
  7. In terms of liberal voting where were Joe Biden and Barack Obama placed?
  8. How many people in the senate voted "yes" for partial birth abortion (letting a baby die after a botched abortion)?
  9. What is Obama and McCain's experience on the economy?
  10. Who warned the senate in 2003 about Fannie Mae's potential collapse?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Barack Obama?