Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?

This test was created right at the height of the democratic presidential primary race of 2008. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are running close to even, with Obama slightly ahead. The party is split. Which side do you fall on? Are you feeling Obamania, or are you crazy for Clinton?

The first part of this test asks questions that relate to actual votes or statements Clinton and Obama made. The second half asks some "soft" questions that are likely to suggest which way you lean, based on how you answer.

Created by: John
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  1. What is the better way to address the airing of television content that is inappropriate for children to see?
  2. In an area hit by a natural disaster, should the government have the right to confiscate lawfully-owned firearms?
  3. As part of a health care reform plan, should adults be required by law to purchase health insurance?
  4. Should the US president meet with hostile leaders from countries such as Iran and Venezuela without any preconditions?
  5. Do you support or oppose banning the military from using cluster bombs in residential areas?
  6. Do you believe that ethanol, made from corn, is a key component in ending our dependence on foreign oil?
  7. How does the 2002 authorization for the Iraq war affect your vote in this election?
  8. How important is it to you that the next president be inspiring to the public?
  9. How important is it to you that the next president has a lot of experience in Washington?
  10. Would you prefer a president be oriented toward policy detail, or toward articulating a broad vision?
  11. Are you more or less likely to vote for a candidate if she is a woman?
  12. Are you more or less likely to vote for a candidate if he is black?

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