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  • I really hope you don't agree with any of the ideas in this quiz. Any one who gets above 5% should be in therapy. And to anyone who diagrees with me, you're mentally challenged too so I don't have to care about what you say. And if you feel that you are not mentally challenged, and if you feel that you can prove me wrong, then go ahead and name one good thing Obama has done for this country.

  • You are 79% an Obamamaniac! 79%

    You're almost there! Each day, think of 5 ways you can love President Obama more, and one day, you'll get your ticket to ObamaHeaven!

    3/5 to this quiz, heh heh.

  • Haha 0%
    I agree with HIENZ

  • he killed osama

    forever hope
  • huh. this was a LOOONNNGGGG quiz. ya and i halfway agree with the hienz dude.


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