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  • What was your first date?
    "unless i can find a girl my age who isnt a whiny b!tch, which isnt likely, im 14, im not gonna date anyone for a while."
  • "It was much better last summer...the people weren't annoying whiny b1chy emo sluts...yeah...i just said that...."
  • P~O~R~N
    "....0_0 and with that, I leave this site. Again."
  • "Aw the email was funny :("
  • "O hai guyz I'm fat and desperate and 10 yearz old, and i need a bf right now now now NAO before i go crrrrrazy my email is [no email"
  • I need a BF
    "Dude, desperate chicks scare the hell out of me, and every other normal guy alive too. Have fun with the homicidal freak you end up with, if..."
  • Under 13 but over 9 xD
    "Hahaha wow. OP is pathetic."
  • Love
    "Hahaha none of you have a clue what real love is, you all just think it's just liking someone a lot. It's much, much, much more than that. ..."
  • Scar
    "well see yall "
  • Scar
    "oh your a chick...im sorry, but ive thoight you were a guy this whole time... cookie?"
  • Scar
    "dude lambert is whack, he's like a bad version of guns n roses I'm kidding, he is a really good singer, he's just not my cup "
  • Scar
    "nothin much"
  • Scar
  • Scar
  • hey like click here man
    "Hey! Hows it goin"

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