how well do you know star wars episode 3

come on up and try this quiz! it is a lot of fun, only 11 questions and it rids you of your boredom! even though this is only part 1 and there are many parts to come, try this quiz! it is fun!

do YOU know star wars episode 3 well! well then try this quiz if you don't know, because it is a lot of fun. even if you have a slight chance at getting low you are probably going to get high because there is a question that goes: true or false: does anikan defeat count doooku? and that is super easy so try it! come on!

Created by: eedan

  1. the chancellor of the great senate is
  2. anikan and obi wan are
  3. the sith lord in charge of the seperatists is
  4. the grand army of the republic is made up of
  5. who does anikan sense aboard the seperatist cruiser is known as
  6. true or false: chncellor palpatine thinks that obi wan and anikan can defeat count dooku by themselves
  7. true or false: anikan defeats count dooku
  8. true or false: when anikan and obi wan rescue chancellor palpatine, he is alone
  9. true or false: anikan r2d2, obi wan, and palpatine use anikans fighter to escape the seperatist cruiser
  10. the droid general aboard the sepeartist cruiser is known as
  11. the clone leader of squad seven is

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Quiz topic: How well do I know star wars episode 3