Know your Presidents

Everyone has strong opinions but how much do you really know about the men who have been the leaders of the great U.S. of A? Take this quiz and find out. A few things might surprise you.

Our great country has been through its ups and downs over the years. The men who have led our country have shaped U.S. History and they,in turn, were shaped by it. Dive in and see what you REALLY know about our leaders.

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  1. Who was the only President who never lived in the White House?
  2. Besides George H.W. Bush, who was the only President whose son also became President?
  3. Which President is credited with authoring the Declaration of Independence?
  4. Who was our shortest President?
  5. Which denomination of U.S. currency features the portrait of someone who was NOT a president?
  6. Who was the last President to be born a British subject?
  7. Which president served the shortest term?
  8. Who was the only President who was never married?
  9. Which president was shot by John Wilkes booth?
  10. Besides Clinton, who was the only president to be impeached?
  11. Which president lost a fortune on bad investments but made up for it by completing his Memoirs, on his death bed?
  12. This president's wife was known as "Lemonade Lucy" because she refused to serve alcohol in the White House:
  13. This president was ambidexterous and was know for writing Greek and Latin simultaneously:
  14. Who was the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms?
  15. This president's wife had epilepsy, so her husband always insisted she accompany him to social events in order to be there for her in the event of a seizure:
  16. Who was the youngest person to serve as president?
  17. In addition to serving as president, this person was also the Chief Justice of the U.S.:
  18. This was the only president to hold a Ph.D:
  19. Known for his humility and dry sense of humor, this president, upon receiving his first paycheck after being inagurated, looked at it then simply said to the courier "Please Return":
  20. This president was unpopular because of his stand on prohibition and was once publicy booed out of the stadium at a major league ball game while the crowd chanted in unison "We want beer!"
  21. He was the first to break the two-term tradition by getting re-elected to third and fourth terms:
  22. This President's motto was "The Buck Stops Here:"
  23. This was the first president born west of the Mississippi River:
  24. Who was the first Boy Scout to become president?
  25. Which president famously replied "I am not a crook" when questioned about his income tax return?
  26. This person was president without ever having been elected to the office of either president or vice-president:
  27. This president had the unique experience of being sworn in aboard an airplane:
  28. Who was the oldest person to serve as president?
  29. What recent president had a dog named "Hershey" and a cat named "Sox?"
  30. Considering multiple terms, etc., how many actual U.S. Presidents have there been, including the current George W. Bush?

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