Do you know your presidents?

This is a quiz about US presidents. HISTORY QUIZ!!!!! I hope you find it challenging taking it as I found it challenging to create the questions as it is hard to create good questions!!!

Are you a great historian? Find out by taking this quiz!! HISTORY QUIZ!!!!! Now even if you have forgotten about presidents or if you don't know much about them, after taking this quiz, take this quiz.

Created by: lockedCage
  1. Who was the first US president?
  2. Who are the two remaining candidates in the 2008 US election?
  3. Who will be Obama's Vice President?
  4. Who would be McCain's Vice President?
  5. When was the first president elected?
  6. How many years is 1 president's term?
  7. After re-election, how many terms is a president in office and how many years is that?
  8. After re-election, how many years has a president been in office?
  9. Presidents are usually people who were originally in the government (senate etc)
  10. George Bush was the 41st and 43rd president.
  11. John Adams was NOT which of the following?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my presidents?