Andrew Jackson Pop Quiz

This quiz is to test your General Knowledge of President Andrew Jackson. Many people don't know anything about most of their Presidents. Most People from Tennessee can't pass this simple quiz, and Jackson was the first president from this state!

How many presidents can you name? What was the number? First?, sixteenth? Forty-Fourth? Civilian? War Hero? Halk? Dove? Just how much do you know abour Andrew Jackson?

Created by: chuck taylor
  1. Andrew Jackson was:
  2. Andrew Jackson is Buried at:
  3. What does it say on Jackson's tomb?
  4. What war did Jackson fight in?
  5. Andrew Jackson Was
  6. Andrew Jackson's wife was
  7. Andrew Jackson's proudest moment in his life was His war service
  8. American Politics have never been the same since the Jackson Administration
  9. There was a surplus in the treasuary when Andrew Jackson left office
  10. What was the name of Jackson's unofficial group of advisors

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