Which President are You?

Any American child has dreamed of being president, some are good, others are terrible. The President is the most important figure of the United States.

Can YOU be a president? Are you up to the task of running an the strongest country in the world? Will your administration be remembered in American History? Fill out the following to find out.

Created by: Matthew
  1. Your country has nominated you to be the president. How do you respond?
  2. You have been elected, what is your first declaration?
  3. When confronted by the news, how do you respond?
  4. A terrorist attack has commenced on America! How do you retaliate?
  5. A group of protesters are occupying buildings all across the country, how will you respond?
  6. You have been caught cheating on the First Lady, what will you tell the press?
  7. A foreign power takes New York City, what will you do?
  8. A natural disaster struck one of your ingest cities, how will you act?
  9. The United Nations is about to accept you worst enemy! What can be done.
  10. It is your final day in office, what are your thoughts?

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Quiz topic: Which President am I?