Would you support me if I ran for President?

Do you feel that politicians in Washington just aren't cutting it when it comes to solving problems? Are you sick and tired of the same old partisan bickering? Tired of nobody standing up for your interests as a voter? Do you want to see the nation take off in a fresh, new direction with a leader who actually cares about what people like you think?

Well, I am currently under the legal age required to run for President, but I feel like I have some great ideas to make this country better and have considered potentially running for President someday. Am I the kind of candidate you've been hoping for, or would I just be more of the same to you? This quiz will let you know! For each question you will be shown two statements. Click on the one you agree with the most or click "I do not have an opinion on this subject" if you have no opinion. Who knows, you may be surprised at what you find!

Created by: Joe Grisso

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you think we should address our defense spending?
  2. What should be done about the Bush tax cuts?
  3. How would you address fighting the deficit?
  4. Do you feel it is in the best interest of the United States government to rebuild and improve it's infrastructure?
  5. What should be done to reform the national health care and education systems?
  6. What is your opinion on climate change?
  7. How should the government deal with large corporations?
  8. What are your feelings on same sex marriage?
  9. What are your feelings on the PATRIOT Act?
  10. What is your opinion on the transparency of government?

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