Which Percy Jackson Character Are You??

There are many Percy Jackson fans, and those fans can relate to the characters in different ways. There's Percy and his loyalty, Thalia and her courage, Annabeth and her intelligence, Nico with his individuality, and Grover with his support.

Which character are you, which Greek god is your immortal parent? Are you a peace loving Satyr or a book reading demigod??? In a few minutes you will have the answers you need!!!

Created by: Brittany
  1. Do you like to read???
  2. Can you get sea sick???
  3. Do you talk to George Washington much???
  4. Do you like to fly???
  5. Do you love nature???
  6. Would you rather wear Punk, Goth, T-shirt and jeans, or t-shirt and shorts?
  7. What's your favorite color?
  8. Which do you support the most??
  9. Which would you rather control??
  10. Who is your enemy?

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Quiz topic: Which Percy Jackson Character am I??