Are You a Demi-God?

I have grown fond of the 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' series and I am curious to see how much the general public knows of the four books. This quiz will tell me the answers that I seek.

How much do you know of the books? How many have you read? this quiz will test your knowledge of the books and your knowledge of Greek Mythology. This is just for the one-hundred and fifty characters I need.

Created by: Mike Boyle
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  1. Do you anything about Greek Mythology?
  2. Name a heroes of ancient Greek?
  3. What is the only thing that can cut through monsters?
  4. What is the Pankration?
  5. What guards the gates of Hades?
  6. Who is related to all gods?
  7. NEVER touch what kind of Iron?
  8. What can heal anything?
  9. Ares is the God of___.
  10. Where does Percy meet Calypso?
  11. Grover is a ___.
  12. Where does Percy meet R.E.D.?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Demi-God?