Are You a Demigod?

Rick Riordan wrote a great series of books about a boy named Percy Jackson. Being a demi god is dangerous and as Percy so expertly states, "Most of the time it gets you killed in painful ways." He is a demigod. Half kid, half god, all hero.

Are you a demigod? Do you belong at Camp Half Blood with Percy(son of Poseidon), Annabeth(daughter of Athena), and Grover(a satyr)? Meet you at camp come summer! Say hi to Mr. D for me!

Created by: Maggie
  1. If you could travel to space, would you be on the next space ship?
  2. Would you like to fight a monster?
  3. Would you ask out your crush?
  4. Would you kill a villain if you had a chance?
  5. Would you ever(or did you want to) leave home at a young age?
  6. Would you ever go sky diving?
  7. If your best friend was getting picked on by the school bully, would you stand up to them?
  8. Do you eat your vegetables?
  9. Do you play with fire?
  10. Would you fight a serial killer?
  11. Have you ever gotten an f?
  12. Do you lose focus sometimes?
  13. Do you have a temper?
  14. Do you love fantasy stories and myths?
  15. Do you believe in Greek gods?
  16. DO you love the outdoors?
  17. Do you mostly follow the rules?
  18. Have you read any of the books in the Percy Jackson and the olympians series?
  19. Do you know what nectar and ambrosia are?
  20. Are you outgoing?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Demigod?