Half-Blood Test

Hello! Fellow people if you found this quiz than your either not normal or your just checking to see if you have demigod blood in you! By not normal I mean demigod, well if you are I will be waiting for you just right inside camp half blood

Now don’t get butthurt if your not a demigod because then you won’t have to be apart of the dangerous missions I have to go to! And if your wondering I’m a daughter of Poseidon!

Created by: Claire

  1. Do you feel like someone or something watches you when your alone??
  2. Do you feel a special connection to animals?? Like you could talk to them?
  3. Do you receive omens in your dreams?? Can you manipulate your dreams?
  4. Are you diagnosed with ADHD or dyslexia??
  5. Do you think that one of your teachers are not human??
  6. Do you experience odd events that you just can’t explain??
  7. Do you suffer from irrational fears or phobias?? (Ex:Claustrophobia, Arachnophobia, The Dark, Water etc..)
  8. Do you understand Greek even though you have never learned it before??
  9. Does your best friend act funny to you? Like limp when they walk, but can outrun you when their serving enchiladas in the cafeteria??
  10. Do you have fast reflexes??

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