What's Your Life Like in the Percy Jackson Universe?

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This quiz is for those who wish to see what their life would be like at Camp Half-Blood, for example: If they're a demigod or not, who their best friends at camp are, and what they excel at!

If your test results come out saying that you are just a regular mortal, don't panic! Most of us half-bloods would give anything to live a normal life like yours! Just keep reading stuff about the Greek gods and their mythology so that way, if you do become a demigod/half-blood someday, you'll be ready!

Created by: Mily
  1. First of all, are you a half-blood/demigod?
  2. Do you actually know who your real parents are? Do you feel out of place in your family?
  3. Are you dyslexic? Do you have ADHD?
  4. Do you think monsters are after you? (If monsters have to come after you, that's when you know you're a really powerful half-blood)
  5. Who are your best friends at Camp Half-Blood?
  6. What's your favorite weapon?
  7. Who would you like to be your Olympian parent?(I'm only putting the most important gods, aka the most famous)
  8. Favorite Activity at Camp Half-Blood?
  9. Last question: What's your personality like?
  10. HAHA, YOU THOUGHT!!! This is actually the last question though, What's your age?

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Quiz topic: What's my Life Like in the Percy Jackson Universe?