Percy Jackson - Who is your Greek parent?

Take this quiz, and you will finally be claimed by your long lost parent, who happens to be a greek god, living deep withing the core of western civilazition

Whether it is your father or mother who is the olympian, your life will now be so exceedingly hard and painful and sad that you will need to go somewhere. GO TO CAMP HALF BLOOD on long island sound in new york.

Created by: Asia Grace
  1. I like to build things out of nothing
  2. I loveee make up or hair products
  3. I like swimming
  4. I luvvvvvvv sword fighting
  5. I like to steal stuff/I am a trickster
  6. I like shiny things and being in the spotlight
  7. I love it when couples stay together and i mean STAY TOGETHER.
  8. I like and when I say like I mean LOVE planting gardens
  9. FIRE makes food, keeps us warm, and I love it!!
  10. I am smart and nobody say otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. death and black and bones and zombies and ghosts
  12. i hunt
  13. thunder feel the thunder, lightning then the thunder thunder

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Quiz topic: Percy Jackson - Who is my Greek parent?