Who's your godly parent? Percy Jackson Quiz

You've finally reached Camp Half-Blood! Where demigods train and make friends of their own kind! Claiming is at night at the campfire time. But, who will claim you??

A quiz inbetween the gods Zeus, Aphrodite, Nemesis, Apollo, Hades, Athena and Ares! Who will claim you? Take this quiz fo find out!!! I hope you have fun, this is my first quiz.♡♡♡

Created by: DaughterofAphrodite

  1. Your Godly parent is a...
  2. Choose a colour
  3. Are you easily angered in a situation?
  4. On a rainy day, you...
  5. You eye colour is...
  6. Which of these following things would you prefer over the others?
  7. You're a
  8. This is my first quiz so yeah (not gonna effect your points lol)
  9. But before you get claimed, 2 more questions. Choose
  10. The question before and this one wont affect your points. Choose again
  11. Ok byeee

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Quiz topic: Who's my godly parent? Percy Jackson Quiz