PJO and HoO Trivia

Most people probably cannot get a 100% on this quiz, but maybe you can! Try out this quiz and see if you are a reader, wannabe demigod, demigod, or Camp Counsellor!

Take this quiz to see if your knowledge matches Annabeth's, or maybe even Athena's!! For all we know, you could be an Athena camper!! Check out if you're an ELITE fan of the series by taking this quiz!!!

Created by: RDAV
  1. Let's start easy... what's Grover's last name?
  2. Who is Hazel's godly parent?
  3. What is Clarisse's weapon, and what is it called?
  4. What creature is Juniper?
  5. Who are the Pegasus's parents?
  6. What purposes does Riptide fulfill?
  7. What is Hephaestus's roman name?
  8. What is the name of that guy with hundreds of eyes?
  9. Who is the boat guy of the underworld?
  10. Who stole the Zeus's lightning bolt in PJO:The Lightning Thief?

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