What Demigod from Camp Half Blood are you?

Most quizzes are about what color of hair do you have, what pet do you want, ect. We are NOT LIKE THAT! We do literal quizzes. My dad is laughing all over this because it is fun to do.

Are YOU like Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Clarrise, Nico, or Biannca? You are seconds to finding your internal superpowers, very like DNA! Everyone is like a certain person from the Lightning Thief series.

Created by: gvfdhalgv
  1. What do you enjoy
  2. what is your weapon
  3. if you were about to go on a quest, what would you choose to take?
  4. what are your parents like
  5. what is your favorite part of earth
  6. What are your siblings like?
  7. What do you prefer
  8. If you were close to dying, and you had a choice to get turned into anything, what would it be?
  9. what sword name appeals to you
  10. what is your fatal flaw?
  11. What is the parents of your choice?

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Quiz topic: What Demigod from Camp Half Blood am I?