Should you be in Camp Jupiter or Camp Half-Blood?

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The world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians (by Rick Riordan) is full of questions. Am I a demigod? Which God/Goddess is my parent? Should I go to Camp Jupiter or Camp Half-Blood? This quiz will answer the last question. Check out my other quiz "Which Olympian is your Parent?" for the answer to the second question.

Have you read the books by Rick Riordan? Are you wondering if you speak Latin or Greek? Purple or Orange? Jupiter or Half-Blood? Well, this is the quiz for you!

Created by: Jordan
  1. Pick a material:
  2. Pick a metal:
  3. You see a group of bullies beating up a younger kid. The bullies are stronger than you. What do you do?
  4. You are playing a game of dodgeball at school. Who do you want on your team?
  5. Your best friend forgot to do their homework. You've done it already. What do you do?
  6. Pick a color:
  7. Do you like this quiz (so far)?
  8. Well, guess what? I am forced to make at least 12 questions. SO THERE! Lol, just kidding, I luv you guys!
  9. Do you like my songs?
  10. Okay, that's it! Click any of the answers (XD) to get your result! *Ahem: What is the first letter of the alphabet?

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Quiz topic: Should I be in Camp Jupiter or Camp Half-Blood?