Camp Half Blood Love Story ;)

Want to find out which Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus Character you're most likely to date if you go to camp Half Blood? PS. THERE ARE ALSO CAMP JUPITER CHARACTERS INCLUDED :) ;) *_* ^_^

Created by: Reyna
  1. Before we get started, please leave if you are a guy... well... unless you want to date another guy... so yeah...
  2. You walk through the gate. It's your first day at camp half blood and it's going to be great. After you have talked to Chiron, you go:
  3. After your first training session, Chiron introduces you to the other demigods at camp. You first notice:
  4. After that, Chiron assigns a girl named Annabeth to show you around. While you walk, you glance back at the boy with green eyes-apparently named Percy- and Annabeth gives you a resentful look. You look at her and say:
  5. Annabeth just shrugs and she lets you stop to go to the bathroom. When you pass the water fountain, you recognize the guy named Jason. He's just sitting on the ground examining an electric spear. He notices you're coming and says, "Hi." You:
  6. When you come out of the bathroom, Jason is gone and you see Percy. He's talking with the girl named Annabeth... again. You think:
  7. On your way back, you see Frank,the asian kid, and you guys talk and get to know each other. Frank helps you on your archery session. When you're done, he asks you if you know who your godly parent is yet. You reply,
  8. Evening draws near and the campfire starts. Everyone is:
  9. When camp fire starts. You're so excited. The flames turn from purple, to green, to gold. You finally start to think that this is actually a great place. You've finally found a home!... then the fire dies and you know that something is wrong: the camp fire has ended and no one has claimed you yet. You'll just have to stay in the Hermes cabin tonight. So you walk over to the Hermes cabin gloomily and run into the guy named Luke. He shows you around the cabin. You can't wait to:
  10. Tomorrow morning, you wake up and discover that you have some free time. You'd always thought the things that the Hephaestus cabin was building looked kind of cool, so you decide to stop there. The head counselor,Leo, has decided to give you a tour. "So what do ya' think about this place?" He asks.
  11. When you're getting ready for your next training session, you realize that you have monster assault techniques with Nico, the son of Hades. He seem kind of sad. You:
  12. On the end of the second day, you lay down on your bed in the Hermes cabin. You still haven't been claimed yet. Tomorrow, you'll stop by the:
  13. Who was your favorite character?

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