Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter love quiz

Seriously, who doesn't fall in love with Fictional Characters? Especially Rick Riordan's. This test is for girls like that.(I will have one for guys coming out soon!)Experience a Roll Playing Test Made just for YOU!

Are YOU a huge fan girl of Rick Riordan's Characters? To prove just take the test!!!!! With Choices of Percy,Jason,Leo,Nico,and Frank. Also, the test is Roll Play well, almost all. 11/12

Created by: Kayla
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  1. I know this question sucks but, what is your favorite color?
  2. You look around Camp nervously, and bump in to Leo. You've seen him around Camp a few times. He laughs and says Sorry, I guess we're falling for each other! What do you say?
  3. You check out the archery station a guy named Frank asks you about knowing who your godly parent is you...
  4. It's time for some Capture the Flag! You end up on Jason's team. What do you say/do?
  5. It's getting dark you head out one the docks, and see Percy there. What do say/do
  6. You start walking to the camp fire you see Nico in the woods what do ya do/say
  7. Finally!!!!!! Time for the Camp Fire!! You sit with...
  8. You wake up this morning thinking about...
  9. After all that thinking you realize it's time for lunch! You head to the Dinning Pavilion and eat some...
  10. There"s going to a dance tonight who do you want to bring!

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