Which camp do you belong Jupiter or Camp Half-Blood?

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Do YOU want to no wether you would go to Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter? Want to know if you would have a quest with Percy or Jason! You are in luck this quiz tells you which one you belong in!

Do you like Percy, Annabeth, Leo, and Piper the best? Do you like Jason, Frank and Hazel more? Thanks to this quiz you can find out which group could be your best friends! Enjoy!

Created by: Annabeth
  1. Do you like Jason or Percy?
  2. Do you like Baths
  3. Do you like tattoos?
  4. Rome or Greece?
  5. Would you go on a quest ?
  6. What is your preference
  7. What do you prefer
  8. Did you enjoy Mark of Athena?
  9. Are you scared of Ghosts?
  10. Which camp do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: Which camp do I belong Jupiter or Camp Half-Blood?