Death's Aroma: Pt 5

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Acacia arrives at Camp Calculation!! It turns out, it's not a real math camp as told so. It was just a regular fun camp, faked as a math camp to get more campers. Acacia expected it to be boring, but after fun games, it was awesome.

Acaica meets new friends, Rebecca, Kabrina, Naomi, and lets not forget her camp counselor, Aqua! She misses Skai dearly, but she manages to make though it.

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  1. My mother pulled up into the rocky driveway in front of a wooden building. I looked at the sign that hung over it, held by metal chains. "Welcome to Camp Calculation!" It read. How cheesy.. I thought. My mom pulled the lever to open the trunk and said, "I packed everything you need. Their in the trunk." "Ok." I replied, awkwardly.
  2. I opened my door and headed to the trunk, grasping my bags in my tiny hands. I set one bag down to close the trunk. "Bye, dear. Have fun!" My mother yelled, smiling and driving away. I started to walk to the crooked old building. "Hello!" I heard a voice behind me. "I'm Aqua, your camp counselor!" She smiled brightly.
  3. I stared at her, my head tilt sideways. "Uhh, Acacia.." I said, she shook my hand overwhelmingly. "What a beautiful name you have. Well come on, don't just stand there! Let's get you into your room!" She smiled more. The way she smiled creeped me out, honestly. And her name, Aqua, was quite odd, too. I followed her into one of the cabins that surrounded the main building. "Cabin 12" She said. I threw a fake smile. "Thanks."
  4. I slowly opened up the cabin door and took a tiny step in. "Go on in, they don't bite!" Aqua yelled excitedly. She pushed my back a bit and I took a few more steps in. I sat my bags down on the top bunk of one of the bunk beds. On the other bunk bed sat two other girls, and a girl bellow me.
  5. They all introduced themselves to me. The one below me had dark brown hair and ice blue eyes, her name was Kabrina. Then there was Rebecca, who we nicknamed Becki, she had strawberry blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Lastly was Naomi, dark skinned, black hair with pink highlights and black eyes. I'd have to say Kabrina was most beautiful, and we were most closest, too.
  6. The day flew by, and it was dark outside. Aqua, our counselor, knocked on our cabin door, "Come on, girls! Time for the camp fire!" She shouted. We all got dressed and sat outside on big logs surrounding the fire pit. "I love fire..." Becki whispered to me. I pretended not to hear her, because honestly, I didn't even want to be there. She reached over and put her finger in the fire, nothing happened. "See, fire loves me, too!" She yelled happily.
  7. This chick was straight up weird, no offense. We ate marsh mellows and caught fireflies all night, I suppose it was quite fun. I missed Skai, though. I missed chatting with him about anything an everything and listening to his ghost stories for hours long. I felt like a part of me was...gone.
  8. I walked up to Aqua after the camp fire, "When are we doing math?" I asked. "Oh, we're not really doing math. We just said that because parents are more likely to let kids go to a math camp instead of a regular fun camp." "Oh," I smiled. It was weird. I shrugged my shoulders and walked away.
  9. The next morning was quite...interesting. We woke up bright and early to go fishing in the nearby lake, before the sun even rose. I caught one fish, actually. It was big, I'd say about ten pounds, and grey in color. I don't know what it was called.
  10. We played competitive games all day on the fields, girls against girls and boys against boys. We played flag football, tag, hide-and-seek, baseball, swimming races and a few more I don't remember. The winners won prizes. I won in hide-and-seek, twice and one in baseball. I tend to be small, sneaky, and fast. Which helped me during both those games.

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