Death's Aroma: Pt 4

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After Acacia recovers from the fall off a cliff, Mirabel visits with a vase of flowers, comforting her. They meet up at the park the next day, and what does Mirabel do but try to take Acacia?

When Acacia realizes what Mirabel is, she plays along although terrified in the inside. Skai comes to rescue her, keeping her safe in a basement from the ghosts of Charelston.

Created by: IcyDesignns of this site
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  1. I woke up practically laying in my own drool apon the couch in my dear home. Reviving from my wall of a cliff, I had a huge bump on my head, covered by an ice pack. My mother stood next to me as I layed, explaining what had happened. Skai brought me here after I fell unconcious.
  2. "Where's Skai?" I asked. "He left." My mom replied. I heard a knock on the door. It was Mirabel. "Hey Acacia. I brought some flowers for you." She said. "Thanks." I took the flowers and smelled them. "Hey, maybe tomorrow, if you feel better..we can hang out at the park?" "Sure" I agreed.
  3. The next day, I felt better. Really better. I met up with Mirabel over at the park. "Iv'e never seen this before." I mumbled. "They had just barely installed it." I stared at it, my head tilt sideways. The park looked old, the paint worn off and metal rusting. No one was there, the only company it seemed it had was dead tree's around the outskirts of it.
  4. We swang on the swings, I swear the chains were about to brake of damage. "Have you ever, seen a ghost?" She asked blankly. I thought about everything that had happened here. From whatever it was rocking in the chair that was placed in my room to the fact that Skai was a ghost. I thought about everything that Skai said to me. "No, never." I mumbled. "Oh. I have.." "How long have you lived here?" "Nine years. But, my father said we might have to go soon." "Why?" "There's something here we need but it's hard to find. When it comes around, people take it when they have a chance. We're thinking about going somewhere more...populous."
  5. The words She wants me! She's a ghost! immediately came into my mind. "What was it that you needed so badly?" I asked with fake concern. "...I don't remember. Can I show you something?" "What?" "It's this, thing my dad showed me. To relieve you're back. After all this stress, I'm sure you'll need it." "Oh, um. Thanks."
  6. She walked behind me and was touching my back. I'm not quite sure what she was doing. "This might hurt a bit.." Mirabel said. I heard the dead leaves crunching around me and a voice. "Get away. She's mine." He said. It was Timothy. "What?" I asked. "I got her first!" Yelled Mirabel. "Actually, she's mine." I heard Skai said, coming up from behind.
  7. "Skai?! I thought I could trust you!" I managed to say. "You can" He grabbed Mirabel's arm and swung her around in the air, and threw her 100 feet into the sky. Then the same to Timothy. "Come on, let's get out of here." He helped me up and we started running to my house. "Get in your basement, now. And stay. I'll be right back."
  8. It's been a week since I had lived there, and I was about to die? I didn't know what to expect. Whether I could have trusted Skai or not, the question remained unanswered. I hid in what I called The Safety Box in the corner of the basement.
  9. My mother ran downstairs and yelled my name. I popped off the lid of the crate I hid in "What?" I asked. "C'mon." She motioned me. She told me to get into the car, I did. She started driving as I watched the sunset under the golden hills.
  10. I saw what seemed to be a shadow of a man leap from one tree to the next as we drove across the rocky path. The minutes turned into hours. "Where are we going?" I asked, suspiciously. "Camp." "What?" "Math camp." "I get a's in math, mom." "So, you never stop improving." I sighed. I stared at the clock tick from 11:59 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

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