Death's Aroma: Pt 3

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On the run from her haunted school, Acacia finds herself in a cold and dark room. As she touches a faint light shining in the corner, the scenery changes into an overwhelming ditch with dirty water soaking her feet.

She bumps into the man who wanted her gone, to protect her, Skai. But as an earthquake covers the area, she hides alone in a small cave of bats. But where's Skai? Something happened to both her and Skai, that made the situation more serious.

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  1. I slowly opened my eyes to see complete darkness stretch through and cover every inch of the room. I kneeld and stood up, having troubles staying steady on the uneven flooring. I regained my balance and put my hand on the cold, hard wall. Where am I? I thought. I slid my tiny fingers across each wall in search of a door, but felt nothing but frozen metal walls blocking me in.
  2. I cannot say I remember what happened before this. My mind remains calm, yet it feels like the walls are closing in on me. Faster and faster it squeezes me in the tight little space. So it seemed. I recall a small light faintly shinning in the lower corner of the accommodation. I touched it and felt a small shock flow through my body.
  3. I felt a gentle squeeze on my hand and then the scenery changed. I stood inside an open ditch surrounded by hills, my feet soaked in the dirty water bellow. The sun shined bright and birds chirped up ahead. It almost seemed as if I teleported here. "Hello?!" I called out.
  4. I heard a voice return my call, "Hello," I saw someone walking out of the fog. "Can you tell me where I am?" I asked. I glanced at him again and realized the face was familiar. It was Skai. "Skai..." I mumbled. "Don't worry, you're ok Acacia. You're safe here." "Safe from what?" "Everything." "Seriously, Skai! Tell me what's going on!"
  5. I heard him groan. "Fine, if you must need to know so badly." He sat down on a huge rock and patted the rock beside him, indicating he wanted me to sit, too. I did. "Acacia, their out to get you." "Who?" "The ghosts of Charleston. Believe me or not, Acacia. I'm telling the truth." "Say I did believe you, what would they want from me?" "Everything. If a ghost captures a human, they can take them to the overlord for exchange of eternal life."
  6. "Eternal life? If there are ghosts, don't they live forever? Like, as a ghost?" "No no no no no. You don't understand, do you? Afterlife only exists for 10 years, then they vanish from the face of the earth." "How do you know so much about ghosts?" "Because, I am one." I stared at him for a split second then just bursted out laughing. "You? A ghost? You have to be kidding me!" I laughed.
  7. "This is no laughing matter," He stood up. I didn't know what he did, but he turned clear. Like a ghost in the movies, see-though almost. My face suddenly turned straight agian. "Wait-you're serious?" "Yes. I'm quite surprised you're not scared, actually." "Nope. I never really believed in afterlives and all that. But i guess it's pretty cool now that I know the truth. I have so much questions.." "We don't have time for questions."
  8. "Please! Just one?" "Fine, one." "Who long have you been-" "Four years." "Oh." I stared at the dirty puddle of water calmly moving right in front of me. "What happened?" "My mother...she killed me. For money." "I'm so sorry," "I've always hated her anyways," then everything got awkwardly silent.
  9. The H2O in front of me started to shake while some small rocks surrounding us began to bounce and rumble on the ground. The sun hid behind a large rain cloud as I felt the earth vibrate from underneath us. "What is that?" I asked worriedly. "Get in that cave!" He yelled, pushing me into a cave nearby. "Don't move," "But-" "Shhh!" He ran off.
  10. Then it stopped. "Skai!" I yelled. I felt a cold breeze shiver down the spine of my back. I saw what appeared to be a shadow walk across the opening of the cave. "Skai?" I whispered. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds. I took a step out of the cave and soon found myself fastly asleep on the couch in my dear home.

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