Which Project 17 character are you?

High atop Hathorne Hill, near Boston, sits Danvers State Hospital. Built in 1878 and closed in 1992, this abandoned mental institution is rumored to be the birthplace of the lobotomy. Locals have long believed the place to be haunted. They tell stories about the unmarked graves in the back, of the cold spots felt throughout the underground tunnels, and of the treasures found inside: patients' personal items like journals, hair combs, and bars of soap, or even their old medical records, left behind by the state for trespassers to view.

On the eve of the hospital's demolition, six teens break in to spend the night and film a movie about their adventures. For Derik, it's an opportunity to win a filmmaking contest and save himself from a future of flipping burgers at his parents' diner. For the others, it's a chance to be on TV, or a night with no parents. But what starts as a playful dare quickly escalates into a frenzy of nightmarish action. Behind the crumbling walls, down every dark passageway, and in each deserted room, they will unravel the mysteries of those who once lived there and the spirits who still might.

Created by: katd13

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you were to go to Danvers State Hospital, an abandoned old mental institution, why would you go?
  2. One good quality about you is that you're...
  3. One bad quality is that you're...
  4. Your stereotype is...
  5. Your role model is...
  6. Girls, which guy would you have a crush on?
  7. Guys, which girl would you like?
  8. Have your parents got your future planned?
  9. Would you want to help Christine Belle and find her doll?
  10. Have you read Project 17?
  11. Which character do you want to be?
  12. What do you want to be in the future?
  13. Are you a health nut?
  14. Did you like this quiz?
  15. Will you comment and/or rate?

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Quiz topic: Which Project 17 character am I?