Who SHOULD You Have Voted For?

So many people either vote for a certain party every time or make their decision as soon as the race starts. Many Americans do not pay anywhere near enough attention to the candidates' actual stands on most issues. It is my goal with this quiz to show people who they SHOULD have voted for based on what they believe in.

This is my civic engagement project for a journalism class I am taking. The goal of the project is to somehow engage the community in relation to the gubernatorial race. Hopefully, this quiz will help you.

Created by: amazon
  1. What do you think should be done to solve New Jersey's economic problems?
  2. Should property tax rebates continue to be given to all tax payers?
  3. How do you feel about the health reform bill in Congress?
  4. Do you support gay marriage?
  5. Should the gas tax be raised in order to raise money to fix NJ roads?
  6. Do you consider yourself liberal or conservative in your personal opinions?
  7. Will the "one-gun-a-month" law help curb gang violence?
  8. Do you support cutting funding from NJ public institutions of higher learning (a.k.a. colleges)?
  9. Should luxury sales taxes be increased in order for property taxes to go down?
  10. Should large corporations be given tax breaks to move into the state?

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Quiz topic: Who should I Have Voted For?