Are You From Spartanburg?

Whether you pull for Clemson or Carolina, worship at Saint Paul's or First Baptist, love the clock tower or think it ought to be burned down, voted for or against the Blue Laws, went to Spartan High or Dorman, we all have one thing in common: Spartanburg pride!

But do you have the knowledge to back up that pride? Are you a TRUE Spartanburg resident, or just a Yankee passing through? Find out with this 17-question quiz on Sparkle City's culture and geography. No cheating!

Created by: Anna
  1. Which one is NOT a restaurant?
  2. Spartanburg High School's major rival is ________.
  3. What is "The Beacon"?
  4. John B. White Sr. Boulevard is also known as ________.
  5. Which is not a part of Spartanburg?
  6. USC Upstate used to be called ______.
  7. What is the mascot of Spartanburg High School?
  8. The main newspaper in Spartanburg is _______.
  9. What's a Gamecock?
  10. Under the Blue Laws, it was illegal to sell ______ on Sunday.
  11. Is there a Confederate flag flying over the South Carolina State House?
  12. Where is the clock tower?
  13. What church in Spartanburg has the tallest steeple?
  14. Which is not located inside the city limits of Spartanburg?
  15. What is the tallest building in Spartanburg?

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