UNSC Examination

Many People will Enlist in the UNSC, what will you Become? Anything is Possible in the Halo Universe. This Quiz Ranges from Civillian all the way through SPARTAN-II.

Do you Have what it Takes to become a SPARTAN? Or an O.D.S.T of the UNSC? Or will you sit back and be a Civilian of the UNSC? Many people will attempt to Become greater than themselves few will Succede.

Created by: Luis
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  1. Do you Prefer Serving your Race on any Matter?
  2. Do you Prefer to Die an Honarably?
  3. Do you know when the The Fall of Harvest, Reach, Chi Rho, Algolis, Chi Ceti IV, Cote dé Azí»r occurred?
  4. Do you want to become more than Human?
  5. Do you prefer to Lead or Follow?
  6. Do you love your Home or Family?
  7. Would you prefer to Deploy via Space Insertion , Atmospheric Insertion or Deployment.
  8. Scenario: Your Teammate has Been shot by a Covanant Jackal Sniper, he's loosing at lot of blood from his wound. The Jackal Sniper is Still Out there. Would You tend to His Wounds and Help Him Live a Bit longer to find Help. Or would you Take his Sniper of his Hands locate and execute the Sniper or Tell him he's not going to die.
  9. Scenario: The UNSC Birmine is Under attack, there are Two Drop Pods, 1 Life Pod, 1 Exosuit, 1 Pelican and 1 Lonsword. There are 10 other people trying to Escape as well, they have never Experienced War Before. They already have resorted to Tyrrany and you are being led by a Leader who has Already killed 2 other People in your Group. A) You Kill the Leader and Become the New Group Leader. B) You wait until you get the Docking Bay and Split off from the Group. C) You trick the Leader telling him you know where the Docking Bay is and Attempt to Take Control of the Group. D) You Follow them into a Pelican And Stay there. E) You Leave the Group when you Get to the Bay, get in the Lingsword and Fire the Minigun Turret.
  10. Can you Endure times of Physical Stress, Dehydration, Patience, Fasting, Not Being Able to Move, Zero or Microgravity or the Dark?

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