Death's Aroma: Pt 2.5

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As Acacia is being dragged threw the hallway and into a mysterious spot in her living rooml she doesn't know what to think. Then everything stops. She just lays right there, next to the back door. Was something out for her? Or did it want her outside to show her something?

But she could not find any clues. Nothing was outside. Yet as she returned to her bed room, she saw Skai laying on her bed. He comforts her, then the next day, warns her to leave. Is there something he is trying to protect her from? Maybe he's protecting her from himself...

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  1. I shivered in fear. I didn't know what to think. I didn't have time to think. I've never been dragged through the hallway by a shadow before, so what was there to think about? Death I suppose? I guess I didn't even think much of it. I didn't know what it wanted, don't think I wanted to, either.
  2. I hit my head on the wooden floor, being dragged by the presence. Then it stopped. I just layed there next to the back door. I heared nothing. Saw nothing. Was I dreaming? I tried pinching myself but nothing happened. It was definitely real. I noticed my parents standing behind me, just staring. "Are you ok?" my father asked. "Um. Yeah, I guess." I used my elbows to pull myself up.
  3. I sat on my knees and tried to figure everything out. But what did it want? This I still didn't understand. Whatever it is decided to bring me directly to the back door. This had to mean something, in fact, it did. I stood up and moved the curtains to the side of the sliding door. I put my face on the glass and looked outside. I didn't see anything, so I decided to go outside.
  4. I walked around the house, hopefully able to find something. But nothing appeared. I just headed back to my bedroom. But as I was about to lay down, I saw Skai sitting on my bed. "Skai? What are you doing in my house?" I asked. I do admit I was quite scared, but I don't like to show emotions. "You left the back door open." He muttered. "So you wandered into my house?" "I'm sorry. I'll just go." "Wait-" "What?" "Can you stay?" "Sure." "Nevermind. I don't want your mother to get mad." "Oh, she won't." "Oh...ok."
  5. I layed on the bed, he layed beside me. I closed my eyes and felt him put his arm around my waist, "What are you doing?" "Protecting you." I rolled my eyes and we both soon fell dead asleep.
  6. I woke up bright and early the next morning to the sound of my alarm clock playing Because of You By Kelly Clarkson. I hit snooze and jumped out of my bed, groaning. Day two at the new school, this should be horrible good. After I got dressed and prettied up my appearance, I looked at the bed and noticed Skai wasn't there. He must have left in the middle of the night.
  7. School was ok...I guess. Skai introduced me to his best friend, Timothy. They both looked scary different. He had shaggy dirty blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes, he kind of reminded me of Peeta from The Hunger Games movie.
  8. The rest of the day was pretty awkward. Timothy kept staring at me in each class we shared together, Yet he didn't even say a word. I felt stalked, honestly. Mirabel was acting different, too. Yet I barely knew the two of them, it could have been their normal behavior.
  9. I bumped into Skai at lunch. "Leave," He whispered. "Excuse me?" "Leave Charleston and never come back." "W-why?" "You're not save here. Go," "I-I don't understand..." "GO! NOW!" He screamed loudly. The entire room spilled down and kept quite.
  10. "Please, it's for your own good..." He mumbled. I felt a small tear fall from my eye and slide down my cheek. I turned around and just ran out of the cafeteria, not even thinking about it. I didn't know what to think. I never know what to think here, this place is just so confusing and unusual. I just ran and ran. Out of the school, back home.

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