Epic Summer Part One

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Welcome to part one of Epic Summer! as you know, I was not able to complete the Death's door series, I just didn't see it going anywhere. Sorry! :P

I also noticed that in Death's Door, the overall mood was dark and dreary. Well, this time around, Imma gonna change that! This quiz of course will be focused around summer :P.

Created by: James Bond

  1. First, I'd like to say that I apologize for not finishing Death's Door, I just didn't see it going anywhere :P. Second, I've created this new story quiz to fix that! Unlike Death's Door which was dark and dreary, Epic Summer will be the exact opposite of that. Good Luck on the quiz! (No Effect)
  2. Well, it was a long freshman year, But it's finally over! The one thing you've been waiting for all year is for that time during summer where you can just simply plop down on the couch, and watch TV until your brain explodes... Well, this year, that's not the case. Nope, cause this year, guess what? Your parent's saying that you need to "Get out more often," they have decided that you're going to spend YOUR summer with your friend Sean. That's not the bad part: Summer Camp. Three weeks, No cell phone, No Ipod, only knowing one friend there, No TV, no food... K no they still feed you. Thoughts on this?
  3. "Well," you think to yourself. "Last week in a clean, nice bed for a while now..." There is absolutely no chance of falling asleep immediately, you toss and turn for hours on end. What if Sean ditches you? What if you forget to pack something? What if you fall and hurt yourself on a hike? What if the bus driver gets lost and you end up in a dark forest, fighting off hundreds of Illuminati until you are eventually eaten? (Jk I know the Illuminati aren't real, if they were they would pound my face on this keyboard. OH NO aosfjas asdijfoadij asdifjoasdijfodj isjfd Jk lol)what if? What if? You'd say you get about Three hours of sleep. You try to get Summer Camp off your mind, and so you decide to go for a jog to clear your head. While on your run, what is going through your mind?
  4. The day is coming closer. Unless you find a way out of this, you're stepping on that bus and taking the drive down to New Mexico in two days. Two days! "Seriously, don't worry about it," Sean says while the two of you shoot some hoops down at the park. "I went through this exact same thing, and you know what happened? I made some friends. Believe me, you'll have the time of your life down there," he adds. "Really?" You ask, not sure if you believe him. "Yeah, trust me. Hey, you remember Jessica's party? Alright, now imagine that for three weeks. There's your camp." Now that you know this, do you feel any better?
  5. That afternoon, you finally look over the camp guidelines from the pamphlet that Sean's mother had given your parents, starting all this. Like all camps, it forbids you from electronics, no revealing clothing, no fights, no illegal substances (of course), curfew at 11:30 PM, no pets, no food (For snacks will be provided at the snack bar, it says), stay safe, and relationships are permitted, but absolutely no excessive contact. Ok, so the fighting one, drugs one, the clothing one, and the relationship rules are understandable. But curfew at 11:30? Really? You can already tell you'll be breaking that one at some point. Now that you've read over the list, what do you pack?
  6. Tomorrow is the big day. Just before you fall asleep, whats going through your mind?
  7. One last thing before you fall asleep on me. Sean says his mom will pick you up at 7:30 AM, to catch the bus which leaves at 9:00 AM. What time do you set our alarm for?
  8. Alright, this quiz is to be continued in Epic Summer part two :P.(No effect)
  9. Alright, so once again as I've done for my other stories, I'm opening the polls on how many I should make. The choices this time are 10, 15, or 20. Leave your vote in the comments section.
  10. So what do you think So far? (No effect)

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