How EPIC are you?

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Epicness comes in all sorts of shapes and forms but have you really got EPICNESS in you? Being epic takes more than just acting it. You have to feel it in your bones!

Do you think your epic? Why not find out with this new all-epic epicness quiz! Let's see if you have epicness in your bones or if it's just when you are with your friends. Just a few questions before you find out!

Created by: Persil
  1. Your friend says hi to you and you reply with
  2. How would you describe yourself?
  3. On your phone, your friends names are done as...
  4. Pick your favorite
  5. This quiz....
  6. When you're angry you say..
  7. Your cry of happiness is...
  8. If you saw a snail you would..
  9. Your perfect night would be...
  10. You go to bed..
  11. After this quiz you will...

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Quiz topic: How EPIC am I?