Are You E P I C ?

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This is a test to see if you are very epic, If you're not you must leave for you are not have Epicness, this is a good quiz made by professionals, who fit the criteria

If you are caught cheating I will call the navy seals to send the Penguins of Madagascar to your home and G A M E E N D you in your own abode, They will not hesitate

Created by: Mine to the craft

  1. Do You play FORTNITE?
  2. Do you watch Family Guy?
  3. What Gaming channel do you watch?
  4. Do You Love Dr. Phil?
  5. Are you a G1rl Gam3r?
  6. Is you Like Impact font memes?
  7. Have you been Gam3r 0wned?
  8. Do you watch Ben Shapiro?
  9. Do you watch meme review?
  10. Des

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Quiz topic: Am I E P I C ?