Are you a Peter or a Paul?

Peter and Paul are two almost-opposite ends of the personality spectrum. Thus they tend to butt heads. But Peters need Pauls and Pauls need Peters. Most of us fall somewhere along similar lines with these two men.

Which of these men are you most like? If you are a Peter, you may not get along with Paul too well. If you are a Paul, the younger generation loves you, but Peter? Well, not so much. But you each have something to teach the other. So listen. and if you fall smack dab in between, then bless you, Barnabas, because you're the designated translator between Peter and Paul.

Created by: Atarah
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  1. Are you traditionally modern, or decidedly post-modern?
  2. How do you see rules?
  3. How churched were you?
  4. Do you consider yourself a risk-taker?
  5. Do you enjoy traveling?
  6. What's your preaching style?
  7. What's your level of persecution toleration? (Level one being you can't stand mild teasing, and level ten being you can give your physical life and everything else you hold dear.)
  8. When making arguments, do you lead with your head or emotions?
  9. Do people find you a great encouragement?
  10. I forgot to ask at the beginning; are you a Christian?
  11. Are you a zealot?
  12. Do you tend to over-process things?
  13. Who do you get along best with, risk-takers, or traditionalists?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Peter or a Paul?