Let's Bunny Hop!

There are millions of bunnies in the world, but only one Peter Cottontail. Peter is that one bunny rabbit who annually brings smiles to the faces of many, many children. He truly is a Spring Hero of young and old alike. This quiz challenges you to think like the Easter Bunny.

Are YOU a Peter Cottontail? Do you have what it takes to be his apprentice? Do you truly know all the facts about the Spring Celebration, Easter? So gobble down a couple of "peeps" and find out if you could be the Easter Bunny.

Created by: Mayor

  1. How did ham come to be the traditional favorite for Easter dinner?
  2. Which president was known for his love of jelly beans?
  3. About how many jelly beans are sold during the Easter season?
  4. Which settlers brought us the Easter bunny?
  5. The Lenten season covers a period of how many days?
  6. The last week of the Lenten season is called:
  7. How much do Americans spend on Easter candy per year?
  8. How do the majority of young children prefer to eat their jellybeans?
  9. Approximately how many chocolate bunnies are sold each year?
  10. What is the most popular Easter candy?
  11. How do the majority of children eat their chocolate bunnies?
  12. What year did "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown" come out?
  13. Which character believes that the Easter Beagle comes on Easter and passes out colored eggs to all the good little boys and girls?
  14. Does the Easter Beagle finally come on Easter?
  15. Did Charlie Brown receive an egg from the Easter Beagle?
  16. Who was the Easter Beagle?
  17. What is the Christian reason for celebrating Easter?
  18. Why are white flowers predominant at Easter?
  19. At Easter, rabbits are used to symbolize what?
  20. The visit of the Easter bunny is based on what?
  21. What country had an armed uprising called the "Easter Rebellion" which started on Easter in 1916?

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