ooooh shiney!!!!

i cant use net speak so i wil talk normal witch is boring but here it goes *breaths in* so here is a quiz with ni meaning at all it just for fun and to kill time for people with short at...oh shiney bunny ohhh cute little bunny OWCH!!! BAD BUNNY BAD BAD BAD BAD BUNNY!!!!!* runs screaming into back ground*

oh yummy that rabbit was good lets go hunt for its famliy. hehehe ya lets do that some roast bunny rabbit sounds right about this is hard maybe we should get some help ya from who i dont know how bout willie coyote.. YOU Big Dummy he never catchs anything try and thin for once.! sorry boss

Created by: edward

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whats your fav Color hahahaha yes i know im evil boohahahahaha
  2. What Kind of music do you like
  3. What does the term "Freedom" mean to you?
  4. what kind of person would you like as a singer?
  5. anime or cartoon
  6. hica bica boo
  7. where did the little pink rabbet go
  8. ok last Q what is a good name for a dog
  9. 0
  10. why why why

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