Are you like Siddharth?

There are many peoplee similar to Siddharth, my good friend? Are you one of those millions? Are you kind of similar to Siddharth? Or are you probably never going to turn out to be best friends? A friend is a true, loyal person. Are YOU?

Are YOU like Siddharth? Do you have the similar likings or dislikings of Siddharth? But thanks to my quiz, you can just figure that out. It will only take a few minutes. Please... Isn't it so tempting to push teh button and start the quiz. Ooooh how tempting. Just push it and get it over with.

Created by: Matthew D

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like video games?
  2. Are you very smart?
  3. What is your race?
  4. Do you like math?
  5. Do you like PB&J for lunch?
  6. Do you like competetion math?
  7. Are you a straight A student?
  8. Are you a good, loyal friend?
  9. Do you like science?
  10. What is your favorite video game out of these?

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Quiz topic: Am I like Siddharth?