Test Your Shiney History!

This is a short history quiz about everones favorite Nexus War faction The Shining Ones! Try your best and no cheating. That means you Karlsbad... Duchess... Gothy... everyone...

Oh and while Karlsbad is trying not to cheat let me give you a little hint for question #4. J___um wets his bed. That is all. Good luck! Good luck to J___um that is. The rest of you don't have the rubber sheets!

Created by: AngryD

  1. From what browser game did The Shining Ones originate and who was their founder?
  2. Which famous Shiney leader set the faction to aligned good, which booted all the members out?
  3. Put the Shiney strongholds in the correct order...
  4. With what famous three factions is TSO aligned with in the Big Blob O' Evil?
  5. Name the original leader and AoGs for The Infusion Network.
  6. Which major faction originally was one of TSO's closest friends, and has since fought two major wars with them?
  7. How many factions did TSO repel during the Epic Defense, and how long did it last?
  8. Which small faction requested an alliance daily for weeks and was jokingly told it would be raided by AngryD and Alphy daily? This faction would become like a little sister to TSO after its boss yelled at the crappily behaved officers...
  9. TSO struck one faction three times in a row starting the second war with the RRF. Which faction was that?
  10. Which of these is an acceptable TSO warcry?
  11. Which Shiney artist won the TSO standard making contest?
  12. A famous Shiney named Ajjeb has a extreme problems with typos. To what does he blame these typos?
  13. There is one Shining One at the very top of the killer list in all of NW. Who is it?
  14. What is the name of the now not under Shiney control and near defunct good faction for TSO?
  15. Final Question: What is the name of the first faction TSO ever raided in NW?

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Quiz topic: Test my Shiney History!