Jason's History and Political Science Quiz

This test was developed by a GED graduate who is also functionally illiterate. However, the test is still a valid gauge of historical and political knowledge.

In America, plenty of good things have happened. Take this quiz to find out how well you know about history, and politics! Only then will you truly be a master of history!

Created by: boogies
  1. Who is the general of the civil war?
  2. Which government system is The Most Evil System in the World
  3. Which Roosevelt Brother Built the Panama Canals?
  4. Who freed the slaves?
  5. Coinage: What was NOT a type of 1 dollar coin in the US
  6. A famous General, and later president, once said "I cannot tell a lie." He was later assassinated while getting off a plane.
  7. The bill of rights is:
  8. Which American Indian Leader was responsible for the formation of the Northwest Territory
  9. The Louisiana Purchase:
  10. In the Revolutionary War, the good guys wore:

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