Test Your Knowledge of Africa and Her Peoples

Black History is often put aside for February when acknowledgment is made to the many deserving contributors of African American history. The reality is that Africans of the motherland and diaspora have a rich tapestry of history that is deliberately denied by the ruling elite so as to condition the minds they seek to rule.

If you are not Black take the test anyways to see just how much you know about the first family on earth, if you are Black test yourself and see how well you "know thyself"

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  1. Who is the father of modern medicine?
  2. Is Africa accurately scaled to size on our modern maps of the world?
  3. Compared to other parts of the world, Africa is underpopulated?
  4. Is evolution is a scientific fact?
  5. Many Egyptian statues and busts have their noses missing? Why is that?
  6. Which event authorized the illegal dividing up of Africa amongst European countries?
  7. Giovanni Belzoni was commissioned to remove a large granite bust of one of which pharaoh?
  8. Modern day Iraq is known as what country in the Bible?
  9. The Middle East was once known as a part of Africa inhabited by descendants of Ethiopia?
  10. The oldest known university is located where?
  11. Cry Freedom is based in part on the life of which Freedom Fighter?
  12. Apartheid was a political and social system of racial segregation with whites having the most rights and Black (Bantu) having none. This system was found where?
  13. Meditation, Kaballah, and Yoga can be traced back to Egypt?
  14. The Greatest Dynasty in Egyptian history was ruled by which nation?
  15. What is the original name of Egypt
  16. The land of Nubia is known today as what country
  17. Wonders of the African World was a 12 part series hosted and written by whom?
  18. Pan Africanism can be loosely defined as : The idea of unity amongst Africans of the homeland and Africans all over the world to develop political, economic and cultural power
  19. Marcus Garvey was born where?
  20. The first country to hold a successful slave rebellion that resulted in the first independant black republic is?
  21. Africans were living in America before the slave trade?
  22. "A Destiny to Mould" is the biography of whom?
  23. The great military general who conquered much of Spain and Italy is?
  24. Maat is an Egyptian goddess that relates to which qualities?
  25. The Yoruba tribe were well known for their proficiency in art, music, dance and divination?
  26. Queen Makeda was known by another popular name, what is it?
  27. The last successful military resistance in Northern Africa was led by which leader?
  28. Which author won a Nobel Prize for literature?
  29. "The Birth of a Nation" produced in 1915 was a message of white supremacy and Klu Klux Klan endorsement, which President gave it praise
  30. The obelisks found in the Vatican were stolen from Egypt

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Quiz topic: Test my Knowledge of Africa and Her Peoples