How New South Welsh are you?

This quiz is set to test peoples knowledge of the state of New South Wales, how much do you know about the history and culture of New South Wales? Test yourself to find out

Are you from New South Wales? Ever wondered how much you know about the first state? Now you have the chance to test your knowledge about New South Wales, So why not take this quick test?

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  1. Where was the first site of landing for Captain James Cook?
  2. What is the Capital City of New South Wales?
  3. How many New South Wales teams are represented in the NRL (National Rugby League) competition?
  4. What is the second largest city in New South Wales?
  5. What is the nickname for the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
  6. What is the population of New South Wales (aprox)?
  7. What is the state floral emblem of New South Wales?
  8. How many New South Wlaes teams are represented in the AFL (Australian Football League) competiton?
  9. Which of the following is not a beach located in New South Wales?
  10. Who was the Premier of New South Wales in 2007?
  11. Which one of these beers is from from New South Wales?
  12. What is the only animal located on the flag of New South Wales?
  13. Which of these wine regions is located in New South Wales?
  14. How many stars are there on the flag of New South Wales?
  15. What is the logo on the number plates of New South Wales cars?
  16. What is the most eastern point of New South Wales?
  17. What city in New South Wales is also know as the silver city?
  18. What is the highest point of elavation in New South Wales?

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