How Welsh are you?

The Welsh: Valley-dwelling, coal-mining, choir-singing, leek-munching, rugger-bugger Taffs. A fiercely proud race from a country of outstanding natural beauty.

Are YOU a Welsh? Do you have the pride, the passion, the belief and the incomprehensible language to qualify for that prestigious nationality claim? Take this quiz, and in just a few minutes you will know...

Created by: Darren Evans

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  1. Who is the patron saint of Wales?
  2. What is the capital of Wales?
  3. Which mythical creature appears on the Welsh flag?
  4. What is Welsh rarebit?
  5. In history and sport, who are the traditional enemies of the Welsh?
  6. Where might you find a Welshman on a Saturday afternoon?
  7. Who is Dylan Thomas?
  8. What is the Welsh national anthem?
  9. How many people can fit into the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff?
  10. Who were the rugby union Six Nations Grand Slam winners in 2005?

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Quiz topic: How Welsh am I?