Which pony breed are you?

what pony breed are you? find out! if you find me quiz disappointing then e-mail me at howrse.com! my user name is mad900 if you don't have an account make one its good!

Are you a Welsh, Connemara, Exmoor or Shetland pony?its not very long and hopefully lots of fun! it also toke me a LONG time to do lol its all good. like like like like a Carcus!

Created by: madi900

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  1. If someone were to say: That's stupid! to an idea of yours you would?
  2. One day you get back from school/work and find your/nextdoors cat has left a dead mouse on your front step you?
  3. Say your a horse: you are being ridden by a first timer. she/he is bumping around in the saddle and pulling you in the mouth you?
  4. If someone asked your best friend: what is (your name) like? what do you think they would say?
  5. Your a horse again: this time its a first timer teacher. she/he sets you up a jump that's way to high. you?
  6. Your going to a party. what do you wear?
  7. Almost done! you have been waiting in line for ages to buy a train ticket. just as you get to the front you drop your money. even tho you pick it up quickly the girl/boy behind the counter says: if your not ready then go to the back of the line! you?
  8. how do you feal about kids?
  9. You just brought some new shoes that your not yet use to. the floors a little wet. what are the chances out of ten of you slipping?
  10. Last one! which breed of dog would you most like to own?

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Quiz topic: Which pony breed am I?