My South Park Quizzz

There are alot of smart people, but a few true South Park fan. What the %#@% is a South Park fan? Somewone who likes South Park and knows alot of it. So thats is a %#@% South Park Fan

Are you a South Park Fan? NO WAY YOUR NOT! If you want know more about South Park go to wikipedia and South Park or go to and if you don't like it @#$% my @$%#

Created by: Pipo
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  1. By who is South Park Created
  2. How Many times was South Park been nominated for the Emmy Award?
  3. What IS South Park?
  4. Who has a dark blue hat with red trim on the bottom of it and a red pom-pom at the top of his hat?
  5. What is Stan's last name?
  6. Kyle's last name is?
  7. Kenny's last name?
  8. What is the last episodes name?
  9. In what episode did Kenny died for a Whole season? (This is the easiest one)
  10. And When did he come back?
  11. How many Seasons and episodes are there? (And as real South Park fan you will know that)
  12. When did South Park start?
  13. How many times did kenny died in the series?

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