Do you know South Park quotes

This quiz is intended to test how well you know South Park quotes. There are ten questions, and you need to decide which character said each quote. Who knows? You could be the ultimate South Park fan in your group of friends.

However, the questions are rather hard. This quiz is really for diehard fans, but anyone who has watched the show can take a shot at answering these questions. Go ahead and take it! Prove once and for all that you are a true South Park fanatic!

Created by: Someone
  1. "I know we can lose if we try."
  2. "Bad pie...bad pie."
  3. "That's what you get when you raise your child to be a Pagan."
  4. "How could any of you think the flag should stay the way it is?"
  5. "Chef, I don't want to be gay."
  6. "Moo."
  7. "I hate my stupid psychotic brain."
  8. "Mom, what is 6x8?"
  9. "Wendy and I think that was a sexist statement."
  10. "Don't say use him, you big silly goose."

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